Juno Mission Rocket Launch

These pictures were from the Juno Mission Launch Activities, at the Kennedy Space Center, between Aug 4-5. On the 4th, Dr. Bill Nye “the Science Guy” gave a special presentation on the Juno Mission. The presentation was both entertaining and informative, just as you might expect from the Science Guy. After the presentation, he opened up the floor to a Q&A session on anything science related. I’ve been a fan of Dr. Nye since I was a little kid and was thrilled for the chance to see him in person.

“We are so small…”

Aug. 5th

Kennedy Space Center gave the first 2000 people at the park gates free admission to the Saturn V Center, three miles from the launch pad, to view the launch.

This curious gator wanted to see what all of the commotion was about.

After multiple holds and nearly an hour delay, Juno lifted off at 12:25pm on it’s five year journey to Jupiter. Juno was launched into space courtesy of the Atlas V Rocket.

Thank You to KSC and Dr. Bill Nye for putting this great event together!


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~ by Mike on August 23, 2011.

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