The Road to Panagsama

I’ve been to the Philippines three times now and have always made it a point to visit Panagsama Beach. Panagsama is famous for diving but is minutes from Moalboal and a short drive from the attractions in Barili or Badian. The three hour trip from Cebu City will cost you about $50 for a private car or, like I prefer, $3.50 for the bus. The bus is usually crowded but it is much more interesting. If you get hungry you can buy a snack from one of the many food vendors that will jump on/off throughout the trip. To get off the bus, you’re supposed to tap a coin against the metal railing once you see your stop. That will get the conductors attention, who will then blow his whistle to tell the driver that he needs to stop. The first group of pictures was taken on the bus between Cebu City and Moalboal.

These trikes can be found anywhere and are a much cheaper alternative to taxis. The side cars are either attached to a motor bike or bicycle but they can be a little cramped for westerners.

After getting off the bus in Moalboal, it was a short trike ride to the beach.

Getting closer Now we’re talking

Of all the rooms along Panagsama’s one and only street, I prefer Savedra Bungalows because it is centrally located and right on the water.

The above was near high tide. Check out the difference as the tide goes out.

Next, I will show some of the non-diving activities that can be found near Panagsama Beach.

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~ by Mike on July 16, 2011.

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