Non-Diving Related Activities

Cebu island is great, not only for diving, but for other outdoor activities as well. From Panagsama Beach, you are just a short drive from hiking, fishing, and scenic waterfalls. If you’d really like to enjoy the local culture, there are usually cockfights at least twice a week. You can see my post on the Badian cockfights by clicking here. Here are some of my recommendations.

My favorite destination would have to be Kawasan Falls, near Badian. I was there in February and had a great time swimming and diving off of the rocks. The water was pretty cold but it was refreshing. Stop by the Moalboal open-air market to pick up some food for lunch before heading towards the falls.

In the opposite direction, from Moalboal, is Barili and Mantayupan Falls. Mantayupan is larger than Kawasan, but not as suitable for swimming. To get up to the falls, you first have to get past the monkey guarding the entrance. Lower FallsUpper Falls

Right next to Mantayupan Falls is a nice little fishing spot. There you can catch and keep all of the tilapia that you want.I didn’t get off to a good start, but it got better.For the girls, Elsie & Angelica, anyways.

And Chris-lyn

And Anjun

I still had fun though

I may not have caught the most, or the biggest fish, but I still feel as if I earned my spot at the table…

Jenelyn, Angelica, Me …mostly because I paid for all of it 🙂

On the road to Barili there is a place called Heaven’s Rock. From there you can get a nice view of the beach and take a dip in one of the pools. There is also a nearby garden that you can walk through. Inside the garden you can find monkeys and talking birds that will blow your mind. If you’re looking for a place to unwind, then check out Moalboal Seaside Grill, where the videoke goes on late into the night.

Of course, the best place to hang out in Panagsama Beach, is at Chili Bar. They have a good menu, friendly & attractive staff, pool table, and great sea view.

Sheena & Je-Je

One night, as I was eating dinner, a local man came by and was selling balut. I couldn’t bring myself to try one but I really wanted some pictures, so I bought a round for the kids hanging out there. They really seemed to like it.



This is a delicacy in many parts of the world. Maybe next time I’ll work up the courage to try one.

Until then, be sure to check out my Flickr



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  1. Wow, the dinner looks great!

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